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Managing Pain After a Car Accident With Chiropractic Care

Managing Pain After a Car Accident Through Chiropractic Care

The human body is a miraculous self-regenerating machine with an astonishing ability to heal itself. But for all its impressive capabilities, the human body is not designed for the stresses put on it by modern life. As a result, many people turn to chiropractic pain management, a natural, holistic approach to helping the body heal itself after trauma or injury. Chiropractic Approach located in Brooklyn and Queens, New York, is here to help you relieve the pain you might be feeling in your body.

Chiropractic Services can help with:

  • Back Pain
  • Spine Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Damage
  • Auto Accident Injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Neck Pain
  • Pain Management

Our bodies can withstand a lot without sustaining damage, but they have their limits. For example, consider the physical forces at work when 3,000 lb. automobiles crash into each other. Even minor accidents at low speeds contain enough kinetic energy to damage soft tissues, misaligned bones and spinal discs and partially obstruct vital nerve pathways. Our chiropractic care methods will ensure any back pain and neck pain will be sorted out with our chiropractic care approach. 

Chiropractor in Brooklyn and Queens, New York

In the NYC boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn combined, there are, on average, more than 350 car accidents daily. Unfortunately, that number of wrecks means that thousands of people yearly have the potential to sustain injuries in traffic accidents severe enough to cause them chronic pain.

How Does Chiropractic Work

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractors are healthcare professionals who treat patients who are dealing with spinal health and overall wellbeing. Doctors of chiropractic help millions of injured individuals in the form of pain relief and regain of physical function. Chiropractors are primary care doctors who receive their training in natural and non-invasive techniques to help the human body heal. “Chiro” comes from the Greek word for “hand.” 

So chiropractors primarily use their hands to realign and adjust bones and muscles, known as the musculoskeletal system, that protects our bodies’ nerve pathways.

How Chiropractors Can Help

The process of gently realigning the skeleton to its proper position is a powerful tool that chiropractors use to help patients after car accidents. Still, it is not the only one they have at their disposal. Several traditional, all-natural procedures that include nutritional guidance are also in the chiropractor’s arsenal to relieve pain and help their patients live active lives again.

Chiropractor in Brooklyn & Queens

Chiropractors are highly dedicated professionals who undergo rigorous education and training requirements. In addition, chiropractic training attempts to instill a sense of commitment to serve patients by continually exploring new treatment avenues.

Chiropractors will turn to traditional medicine when necessary and embrace the latest technology as long as the treatment proves effective for relieving patients’ suffering and improving their lives.

Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Chiropractor in Queens and Brooklyn NY

Injuries occur in all sorts of ways. Repetitive stress, slips and falls, and sports injuries can all require the expertise of a chiropractor to bring relief and healing. But automobile accidents are responsible for a large variety of injuries that require intervention from health care professionals.

You should always seek medical care immediately whenever you are involved in a car accident, even a minor one. The trauma of the wreck could have damaged your body, but you may feel fine immediately following. The pain symptom may show up a short time later or years afterward, but the damage is real and present now.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

An auto accident injury may occur hours or even days after an auto accident. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck stiffness
  • Decreased range of motion around the neck
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain
  • Upper back pain


Chiropractic Approach in Brooklyn & Queens, NY

Chiropractor in Brooklyn and Queens NY

Chiropractic Approach is an excellent place to get checked when hospitalization following a motor vehicle accident isn’t necessary. Chiropractors know how to examine you after an auto accident and determine what you need to recover. In some cases, your chiropractor may refer you to another healthcare professional if your injuries lie outside the field of chiropractic medicine. In many cases, however, your chiropractor may be able to provide you with relief from pain and a long-term strategy for complete healing.

Additionally, visiting a chiropractor immediately after an accident creates a record of you seeking medical attention. If you need this documentation for an injury trial later, remember it carries more weight if you do not wait to seek treatment. Most major health insurance plans cover chiropractic care and treatments prescribed by your doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.

Ultimate Chiropractor Guide

In this guide, you will learn of some of the more common injuries resulting from car accidents, back pain, neck pain, spinal injuries, and how chiropractic care can relieve chronic pain and help your body begin to heal itself. 

Common Soft Tissue Injuries From Auto Accidents Include:

Most at risk from trauma caused by an auto accident are the soft tissues in your body. Your muscles, ligaments, and tendons are vulnerable to damage, leading to bruising, swelling, and chronic pain. The soreness that sets in from soft tissue damage can take up to a few days to manifest.

Herniated Disk

Cartilage discs between each vertebra cushion the spine and prevent your backbones from rubbing against each other. A car crash can dislocate one or more of the cushions, resulting in a herniated disc. Typically, the displacement of discs in the spine results in nerve pathways in the back being pinched or partially blocked. As a result, this soft tissue injury’s symptoms can include pain or numbness in the legs and back.

Neck Pain (Whiplash)

Neck Pain and Whiplash Chiropractor in Queens and Brooklyn

The violent back-and-forth movement associated with getting rear-ended can cause whiplash and trauma to the ligaments and muscles in the neck. Whiplash, the common name for this injury, causes stiffness and pain in the neck. Since the neck is the primary pathway to the brain, a soft-tissue injury in this area can also cause difficulty concentrating and seeing clearly.

Back Pain

The force of a car wreck can tear the ligaments in the back, resulting in sprain and strain. This condition causes extreme pain in the back. Unfortunately, many people live with untreated back sprains and sometimes permanently damage other nerves in their bodies by overcompensating for their movements. 

Treatments for Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft Tissue Injury Chiropractor in Queens and Brooklyn

When it comes to soft tissue injuries, the primary goals are to prevent further damage and promote healing. Quickly getting to the chiropractor may be the key to success. By identifying precisely which areas of the body are affected, your doctor can start taking steps to relieve your pain and get you back to functioning fully.

First, the chiropractor can recommend immobilizing the injured area with a brace or sling. Limiting their use gives torn ligaments and sprained muscles a chance to start the healing process.

As the soreness lessens and the inflammation begins to reduce, your chiropractor may prescribe exercises that target the injured muscle groups. The routines may help you to strengthen your muscles to help protect them from further damage.

Chiropractor in New York City

In addition, your chiropractor may prescribe some other therapies in addition to rest and exercise to help your body heal soft tissue damage. For example, your doctor may recommend various forms of deep tissue massage combined with technologies like electrical muscle stimulation and ultrasound therapy to promote rapid healing of injured soft tissues.

Back Pain

Soft Tissue Injury Chiropractor in Queens and Brooklyn

The sudden impact of an automobile crash on the spinal cord can cause damage to your vertebrae. These protective bones are crucial to the operation of your entire nervous system. In addition, when one or more vertebrae is fractured, broken, or crushed, inflammation around your spinal cord can cause additional damage, especially if left untreated. Our chiropractors treat any back pain you may be feeling; we will ensure we help alleviate any back pain.

Possible Results of Back Pain

  • Sleep Loss: One of the fundamental things our bodies need for good health is quality sleep. You must get the right amount and the right quality of sleep for it to benefit you. Back pain and discomfort will deprive you of rest, which can lead to multiple health problems.
  • Muscle Weakness: A damaged spinal column can prevent the muscles in your back from staying strong and healthy. Limited mobility and an impaired ability to send and transmit signals to and from the brain via damaged pathways will weaken the muscles over time.
  • Permanent Nerve Damage: Compensating for back pain by changing your gait or way of moving can lead to permanent damage to the nerves in your spine.
  • Impaired Mobility: In cases of violent accidents or when the patient has been living with and compensating for back pain for years, the result is a lessened ability to move. Ranging from some lack of motion to complete disability, impairing mobility is the ultimate result of spine injuries.

Help for Damage to the Spine

Chiropractic Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury in Queens and Brooklyn NY

Depending on the spinal cord injury severity, chiropractic treatment can benefit the patient and aid in healing.

A complete spinal cord injury occurs when the force of a car wreck severs the spine. The damage sustained in this case results in the patient becoming paralyzed. Physical therapy with other treatments can help someone with a complete spinal cord injury even though they may never fully recover.

Common Spinal Injuries

More commonly, incomplete spinal cord injuries are the result of auto accidents. The patient retains some degree of function depending on how severe the injury is.

In all cases of spinal cord injury, the patient can benefit from chiropractic treatment.

  • Pain Relief: Gentle adjustments of the spine take pressure off of nerves. Over time, your chiropractor will work to straighten misalignments to the extent possible and relieve you of pain.
  • Increased Mobility: As your chiropractor works on your musculoskeletal system to bring it into proper alignment, over time, you should begin to notice an increased range of motion for your limbs and improved overall mobility.
  • Longevity: The overall straightening of the spine and strengthening of the supporting muscles achieved through chiropractic care may lead to a longer and better quality of life.

Chiropractic Care: The Integrated Approach to Health

Chiropractic Care in Queens and Brooklyn NY

Getting chiropractic care immediately following a car wreck is one of the best things you can do to improve your chance of recovery. Your chiropractor can help diagnose your problem and prescribe a course of treatment that will help to get you back in the game as quickly as possible.

As your injuries heal with the help of chiropractic care, you may notice that your overall health will also begin to improve. Regular adjustments to your spine provide many health benefits beyond the healing of injuries and pain relief.

Chiropractic Care in New York

Nerves that get pinched or blocked off by misaligned skeletons lose the ability to transmit or receive signals from the brain. This condition can lead to various diseases forming in the body due to the lack of proper communication among vital internal organs and the brain via the central nervous system.

Spine Injuries

As your spine becomes aligned, the chiropractor also gives you exercises that will strengthen your muscles and help improve your posture and ability to support your weight. The benefits keep compounding for your body and its ability to heal.

Additionally, your chiropractor may recommend a specific diet or nutritional supplements to help improve your health even further. Chiropractic medicine considers the whole patient rather than just specific symptoms. Chiropractors look for the root cause of problems. Providing relief is an integral part of the chiropractic process, but as a rule, chiropractors go deeper to look for possible natural solutions to their patient’s problems.

Pain Management in Queens & Brooklyn, NYPain Management in Queens

Our expert medical team has decades of extensive experience helping people with car accident injuries. We know what it takes to help you be successful with your chiropractic care, and we are serious about making that a reality.

We accept most insurance plans, no-fault and workers’ compensation, liens, and slip and fall cases. Contact us at (718)-275-1313 to schedule an appointment or get in touch online and let the caring doctors at Chiropractic Approach start you on the road to pain-free living!

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