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5 Ways Chiropractor Help with Neck & Back Pain Caused by Car Accidents

5 Ways Chiropractors Can Help with Neck and Back Pain Caused by Car Accidents


Neck and back pain is extremely common for victims who have been in a car accident. When involved in a collision, the body absorbs an intense amount of blunt force that can result in damaging consequences. Both the back and the neck are more sensitive to this sudden force that causes quick movements in the area. Additionally, seatbelts, airbags, and even dashboards can stop the body’s movement short, causing an extreme amount of pressure on the back and neck.

This article will discuss the most common causes for neck and back pain following an auto accident and how chiropractors can help victims achieve a healthy recovery.

Common causes of neck and back pain following a car accident:

For starters, here are a few common examples of injuries that cause neck and back pain following an auto accident:

  • Whiplash – Whiplash occurs when the neck moves back and forth in a fast motion while the rest of the body remains still, which will often happen when a collision occurs. Whiplash causes significant damage to nerves located in the neck.
  • Lumbar sprains and strainsLumbar sprains occur in the lower back when ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range of motion. On the other hand, lumbar strains affect the muscles and tendons and occur after excessive force has been placed on the area. 
  • Joint injuries are common in the back and neck areas after being involved in an accident and include sprained, strained, and dislocated joints. 

How does chiropractic care help these conditions?

Chiropractic care focuses on relieving painful, uncomfortable, and disruptive symptoms that occur as a result of injury to the neck or back following a car accident. No matter how minor the accident may be, it is always important to seek medical attention to ensure that your body has not been affected. Even slow-speed car crashes can cause life-long neck and back pain and discomfort if left untreated. These types of conditions could have a significant impact on the quality of everyday life. A few ways that chiropractic care can help back and neck injuries include:

Treating misalignments in the body

The abrupt force from a car accident often can lead to misalignments in the back and neck, tearing of muscles, and bruising or damage to soft tissue. This type of damage can cause inflammation due to a lack of proper blood flow. A chiropractor can fix misalignments in the body by using different adjustment techniques to move everything back to its proper place. This type of treatment may lead to better blood flow to the damaged areas, may decrease inflammation, and may promote healing.

Treating injuries that are not obvious

Several severe back and neck injuries may not be apparent directly after an accident occurs. Soft tissue damage and whiplash are two common neck and back injuries that do not show up on X-Rays or skin. However, the best way to treat these conditions is to treat them early. This is why seeing a chiropractor after an auto accident may be beneficial. They may be able to identify the root cause of pain early and provide the proper treatment needed for recovery.

Reducing scar tissue

Car accidents can easily cause micro-tears in your muscles and ligaments. When these tears are left untreated, scar tissue forms. Scar tissue is one of the leading causes of pain, stiffness in the body, and decreased range of motion that leaves people unable to go about their daily routines. Chiropractic care may help loosen and repair micro-tears to reduce pain and scar tissue. 

Restore range of motion to the neck and back

Neck and back injuries may result in restricted mobility. Chiropractic adjustment methods can also help restore proper range of motion and encourage the body’s natural healing process.

Decreased need for medication

Taking painkiller medications can be dangerous and addictive and they are often commonly prescribed to those suffering from car accident injuries. When you see a chiropractor, they may be able to relieve your pain and ensure that the injury is being healed without the need for medication. 

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