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Common Auto Accident Related Injuries Treated by Chiropractors

Common Auto Accident Related Injuries Treated by Chiropractors

Handling the aftermath of even a minor car accident can be incredibly stressful. When you sustain injuries during the crash, this sort of event has the potential to impact your life in significant ways. At Chiropractic Approach, P.C., we are equipped to treat several conditions that stem from motor vehicle collisions. Consider a few critical pieces of information that may clarify the types of medical problems people may experience after car accidents and how a car accident chiropractor could help.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Although the medical consequences of a car crash can be diverse, some injuries are more common than others. When it comes to musculoskeletal and joint problems, the neck and back are particularly susceptible to damage.

Back Pain

If you experience back pain or discomfort following a collision, it may result from several different types of injuries. Some of these concerns are more serious than others, but all have the potential to affect your everyday life. For example, a great deal of force may be put on your muscles and tendons if your body twists during the accident, leading to a back strain or sprain. The former involves damage to a muscle or tendon, while the latter impacts ligaments. Symptoms of strains and sprains include muscle cramps, pain while moving, and difficulty bending over.

Herniated discs can also come about during a crash. This injury affects the fibrous discs that sit in between each vertebra in your spinal column. When a disc is disturbed, its soft inside contents could be forced through the hard outer layer. Because these discs help your spine retain its mobility and flexibility, herniation can be very painful.

Other back injuries include damage to the spinal cord, vertebrae fractures, and facet joint problems.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Your neck and shoulders can also be negatively impacted by a car accident. One of the most common neck injuries is known as whiplash. You may be experiencing this condition if your neck is very sore or difficult to turn your head. When whiplash occurs, muscles and bones in your neck are often damaged due to your neck moving too quickly in one direction.

The force of a crash may also harm your shoulder joints. This could lead to pain in your shoulders or stiffness in the joints.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Although some back injuries require surgery, many can be treated non-invasively through various chiropractic treatments. If one or more of your joints is misaligned, for example, an auto accident chiropractor may be able to realign it using physiotherapy.

Inflammation and scar tissue are often major culprits when it comes to back and neck pain. Chiropractic adjustments can often cause the body to cut back on its inflammation response. Alignments may also break up scar tissue to reduce pain and regain the full range of motion in joints.

Finally, some chiropractic treatments can encourage your body to release hormones, such as neurotensin and oxytocin, that can help relieve pain.

Get the Chiropractic Care You Need

At Chiropractic Approach, P.C., we use contemporary treatment techniques and consistently adapt our practice to the latest and most effective treatment options available. Our doctors are all board-certified, allowing you to have peace of mind each time you undergo an alignment or other procedure.


We offer chiropractic care for auto accident injuries such as whiplash, neck injuries, and back injuries. You can count on us to conduct thorough examinations to pinpoint the best possible means of recovery.

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