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How To Choose the Right Chiropractor for Your Car Accident Injury Treatment

How To Choose the Right Chiropractor for Your Car Accident Injury Treatment

Don’t spend hours of your day searching for a reliable chiropractor in Queens, NY. Call (718)-275-1313 for doctors you can trust.

A car accident chiropractor is a medical professional who specializes in injuries like whiplash, chronic neck soreness, and lower back pain. Finding the right chiropractor in Queens, NY, can be challenging without help. One should consider several factors during their search.

How Can a Car Accident Chiropractor Help You?

According to Statista, the United States reported over nine million car accidents in 2020. Many of these collisions resulted in non-fatal injuries for one or more passengers involved. 

Car accident chiropractors treat dozens of accident injuries by targeting pain points, restoring mobility, and strengthening the body to prevent long-term complications.

If you experience a common injury like pulled or strained muscles, shoulder tension, or lumbar pain, these healthcare professionals can help.

What Should You Look for in a Chiropractor?

The New York State Education Department reports 5,114 chiropractors with active licenses in the State of New York. However, not all practitioners provide specialized care for car accident injuries. 

A reliable car accident chiropractor should have a variety of hands-on techniques they can administer during treatments. They should also have rehabilitation-enhancing technology, such as activator adjustment tools, ultrasound, and TENS machines.

 For example, at Chiropractic Approach, our doctors accept some insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection). This way, you can seek treatment after an accident without financial stress.

What Qualifications To Look for With a Chiropractor

Never seek treatment from an unlicensed or unqualified individual claiming to provide chiropractic services. Instead, check the education and training of car accident chiropractors near you to get the highest-quality care.  

Certifications and Degrees

According to the American Chiropractic Association, there are 18 nationally accredited doctoral chiropractic programs in the U.S. You should choose a chiropractor who completed a four-year degree from one of these programs.

Hands-On Training and Experience

All licensed chiropractors must complete at least 4,200 hours of classroom, lab, and clinical training before earning a degree and treating patients independently.

Still, it’s a good idea to hire a car accident chiropractor with years or even decades of experience if you manage chronic pain. These practitioners will use the wisdom they’ve gained from clients to administer practical treatment plans based on proven results.

Specialized Care

A specialized chiropractor is essential if you undergo other medical treatments after your accident. Ask your surgeon or family physician if they can refer you to a trusted car accident chiropractor as an auxiliary healthcare solution.

What Should a Reliable Chiropractor’s Office Include?

Your car accident chiropractor should work in a clean and private environment. This way, you can feel safe during every visit.

Car Accident Chiropractor at Chiropractic Approach

Car Accident Chiropractor at Chiropractic Approach

Finding a new chiropractor doesn’t need to be a hassle. At Chiropractic Approach, our car accident chiropractors have years of experience helping patients like you recover from minor and severe injuries.

We make it easy to book an appointment through our website. Simply fill out our one-minute form and select a specialist from our team. Our doctors accept some insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection). We will respond quickly and same-day appointments may be available.

Expect excellent communication and professional advice during your visits. We will help you learn how often you should go to the chiropractor and other useful information.

Contact Chiropractic Approach in Queens, NY. Schedule an appointment with a car accident chiropractor at (718)-275-1313.

FAQs About Car Accident Chiropractors

Here are some questions you may ask before seeking medical treatment for your injury:

Why Should I Seek Chiropractic Treatment After a Car Crash?

You should seek chiropractic care after a car accident to avoid long-term medical complications such as spinal misalignment and reduced range of motion. These specialists can develop a personalized plan to help you recover and treat your symptoms early.

How Often Should I Visit the Chiropractor for My Injuries?

A car accident chiropractor will assess your injuries and medical history to determine how many appointments are necessary for recovery. Some injured people visit their chiropractors once or twice a week. Others may only need to attend sessions once a month.

What if My Car Accident Chiropractor Isn’t Helping?

It could take weeks of chiropractic care before your condition improves. If you still experience pain or immobility without signs of improvement, it may be time to find a new car accident chiropractor. Give Chiropractic Approach a call to discuss your options.

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