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Chiropractic Treatment For a Workplace Accident

Accidents in the workplace are unfortunately not uncommon. In 2019, there were over 5300 fatal work injuries in the United States, and countless more that led to injuries — some with long-term repercussions.

While treatment will vary depending on the specifics of any case, chiropractic treatment can often be highly effective as redress for many workplace injuries. Finding a suitable workers comp chiropractor, and navigating the details of chiropractic care workers compensation, can be essential in getting back on your feet, healthy again, and back to work.

Types of Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents may vary widely depending on the individual and their specific industry, but the following injuries are particularly common:

  • Workplace vehicle accidents, either on the road or using specialized machinery in a workplace (like a forklift or construction vehicle) are fairly common. These accidents can often lead to whiplash, head, back, and neck pain, and injuries to the extremities.
  • Falling from heights is a significant risk, particularly on construction sites, in warehouses, and in other relevant locations.
  • Slips and falls are highly common in a wide range of workplaces, from offices to warehouses.
  • Electrocution can be a significant risk, particularly in factories, processing plants, and for electricians and those working in similar industries.
  • Lifting accidents, including those caused by overexertion, are fairly common in warehouses, on farms, and in similar types of professions.
  • Repetitive strain, carpal tunnel, and similar injuries can be common in workplaces that require repetitive movements.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Workers Compensation Chiropractor in New York

Chiropractors offer diverse, non-invasive treatment for a range of injuries, including the effects of many of those listed above. A chiropractor often works on the neck and the back, focusing on pain in those and in related areas, as well as helping with issues of alignment. A chiropractor may also employ the following methods of pain relief:

  • Electrical stimulation: Electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves can be helpful in easing tension, relaxing muscles, and mitigating pain in particular trouble spots — especially around the neck, back, and shoulders.
  • Hot and cold treatment: Alternating hot and cold applications to tense muscles, joints, and other tissue can both relax and reduce inflammation in problematic areas.
  • Manual manipulation: A chiropractor will use various manual methods of stimulation — including stretches, massage, pressure application, and more — to treat problematic spots on the body.
  • Joint bracing and taping: A chiropractor may work to support injured joints and muscles, to better help them heal.

A chiropractor will work to take a holistic approach to pain management. He or she may refer you to a physical therapist, pain management doctor, or other professional to help implement a comprehensive treatment regimen that works for your pain-needs. A chiropractor may also take MRI or X-ray images to better assess and address problematic sources of pain in an individual.

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